I'm so guilty of hoarding Internet space and using my squarespace account to store cat videos links in my draft box.

So it seems like we basically whizzed right past the whole of January and straight into February. Before I know it, I have my first pop-up store at The Little Dröm Store !!! Honestly, I am simply thankful to Stanley and Antoinette for this opportunity. They are also the kindest and most supportive people whom I have had the privilege to work with. It never crossed my mind that one day I will be able to showcase my works at Dröm Store with other artists' works that I love. 

 Read more about Wood&Lead's dröm pop feature and see more pictures here! 

The Little Dröm Store
SOTA, School of the arts
1 Zubir Said Drive, #02-01 Singapore 227 968 

•  •  •

Before anyone thinks I'm calling it quits with the commitment that comes with being a responsible Internet crusader, I'm going to tell you what to expect to see in this space for the rest of year.

1. Wood&Lead

There has been a lot going on for me with my various commitments. A question that hangs on everyone's mouth when they meet me – What exactly do you do?

Well honey, let me tell you what I do. I work as a freelance graphic designer (with a specialisation in branding), which gives me the flexibility to manage and build Wood&Lead on the side. I started Wood&Lead two years ago as a creative outlet for my illustration works.  I also take on freelance gigs at advertising agencies as an Art Director, and when that happens basically everything else that I dabble in starts after 7 pm or later.

This year, I plan to dedicate a lot more time and commitment to creating new works for Wood&Lead. I will be updating this space periodically (by that I don't mean only every 3 months) with new works and happenings for Wood&Lead mainly under the Illustration link on the site. And plans for bringing back my puns-on-hiatus project are currently set in place. ☺

I am also happy to share that you can now find Wood&Lead on Facebook !!! Yay.

2. stories from far away

Much has happened since my last post in london in august last year – and I absolutely regretted not being disciplined enough to update about during my time in there. and then iceland happened. and then bangkok happened. and then 2015 happened.

Expect to read up on backlogged travels tales with tons of travel photos which I risked spilling coffee all over myself for.

3. little things

Another thing that I wish I have done more of, would be documenting the little things and moments in life. I currently do this a lot on my Instagram but I hope that I can transform this blog into a drawer full of knick knacks, one that is filled with little things I love and one that makes people smile.

•  •  • 

A reason for doing up this is to serve as a reminder to myself – to stay committed to the things that matter. To be able to do what I love is an entitlement which I do not want to take for granted. Even though it comes with sacrifices, uncertainty and many different kinds of challenges,  I am truly happy. This is  what I have been looking for, for years. I am happy when I draw, when I write and when I create. This is living life – one that I want to be able to share. ☺

“Life is a winking light in the darkness.”

Photo by Yahui Ong / Bike BY Lynette Lee / WITH NATURAL FILTER FROM THE SUN