There are some parts of Bangkok that make me forget about the pesky heat that is constantly breathing down my neck, and that grey cloud of smog that threatens to suffocate. This green sanctuary does it for me, you could imagine my delight to have found this place!

It was a beautiful day for afternoon tea and mindless chit chat on the rustic veranda, shaded by a curtain of cascading foliage. This has got to be one of my favourite places in Bangkok to visit. Thank you my lovely M for bringing me around!! ☺︎


While you never run out of options when it comes to finding a cafe to have a good cup of coffee, there are only a few places in London where you can get a decent cronut. This piece of exciting news was what originally brought me to visit this little coffee joint in the heart of Holborn.

Stepping into Wild&Wood was like entering someone's kitchen, you might also do a double take to check if you have wandered into the Shire. It gets even more confusing when you go up to the counter to see a pixie-sized lady waiting to take your order. (I hid all my rings just in case.) This cosy nook, furnished entirely with antique church furniture, reminds one of sun-drenched days while you laze on the couch after school while your grandma prepares your favorite tea-time snack.

The cafe draws a mixed crowd. Everyone is here with a single agenda, gathered on church pews, confessing their addiction for caffeine. While table sharing is non-obligatory, it is very much encouraged due to limited seating in the small cafe. With flat whites and lattes placed side by side on a narrow table, coffee drinking becomes an intimate experience where you'd find yourself having a conversation with the stranger next to you after you have gotten over how good the coffee is on the second sip (they only serve Monmouth coffee). 


On my first visit they ran out of cronuts at 4 p.m. so we ordered the amarrrrrretto cheesecake which had me enamorrrrrred at my first bite. The layer of crusty brown sugar packs a crunch and complements the velvety cheese perfectly while the mellow hint of almond stubbornly lingers in your mouth until you wash it down with coffee. Sooo good.

The cafe was also packed at that time we visited, so we had to opt for the street-facing seats. Honestly, there isn't much of a view except for sweaty construction workers (if you're into that sort of thing winks) and office executives rushing home/to the gym after work. Ironically though, it gave us the sense that we had all the time in the world to savour our coffee and cake. As the sun quietly sets, we scampered to find meaning in our lives, and ended up sitting on the pews for two hours as we devised our game plan to conquer London Design Week. Instant caffeine fueled efficiency. ☺

This is definitely the place to visit if you're looking for a simple, no-frills coffee joint in London.

Wild & Wood Coffee

Unit 19, 1 New Oxford St,

London WC1A 1BA, United Kingdom ‎


Midweek brunch at P.S. cafe, one of my favorite places. Packed even on a weekday afternoon, the atmosphere was blithe, the air filled with light hearted chatter. Left with the option of alfresco sitting, we were greeted by playful sun rays and the lush greenery.  This experience, albeit a familiar one, was most inviting having roughened it out the past months. 

It was another sunny day, with the occasional breeze that makes you forget how pretentious the idea of midweek brunch could possibly be. As always, the food was agreeable. My smoked salmon sandwich with organic soy linseed bread was a dream from long ago. Such a hearty meal, it was undeniable that I was living life right.

Our brunch was interrupted several times, with uninvited meal companions descending from above – I wish they were angels but it was practically raining spiders and ants. I knew there had to be a reason behind that generous serving of rocket salad, possibly so guests would be kept busy chewing on the greens and not being able to scream / let out the secret that I'm going to be the next spiderman (sorry andrew garfield). 

  Hello beautiful

Hello beautiful



Watching leaves fall was quite a sight.

Watching leaves fall was quite a sight.


It was a beautiful afternoon with my best friend, filling our souls amidst the cascading  foliages which added a tint of magic. We walked away from the afternoon, sun-drenched, happy, with lightness in our steps (and no spiders in our bags yay).