Oneday WallFlowers

I have nothing but fond memories of this place where I spent the majority of my time when I was in Bangkok last year.

One Day Bkk consists of a cool cafe, florist, hostel and chic co-working space all packed into one. Which conveniently gave me the perfect excuse to sleep at work.

"Flowers can't solve all problems, but they are a great start."

I love love love flowers. We were greeted by a cocktail of fragrances the moment we stepped into OneDay Wallflowers. The delightful sight of foliage occupying every inch of the space got me really excited as my eyes glazed over flowers that I can barely name. You can imagine the kind of dilemma I faced when my bestfriend told me to go wild and choose my birthday bouquet! Thankfully, their skilled florist came to my rescue and got my tiny bouquet dressed up in a cute vintage wrapping paper.

The magic immediately evaporated and condensed into pools of perspiration gathered under our pits when we stepped back out into a weather fit for spontaneous hot yoga. 

I am sure the plants on the wall fixture shared my sentiments. Poor thing.

My favourite part of the day is taking time for coffee breaks where all I have to do is a five minute waltz from the co-working space to the cafe where I'd shoot up some caffeine. 

At Casa Lapin x26 you can get great coffee, a decent selection of pastries, and an extra serving of eye-candies! Va-va-vrooom. 

Never mind that the menu could do with some improvement, the nicely done up interior and meticulous plating attracts a stylish crowd and Insta-celebrities who visit this place for their photoshoots. It can be a problem if you are like me, I try very hard not to be caught like a deer in headlights while stuffing an entire scone into my mouth with pastry crumbles skipping down the front of my top in someone else's selfie.

Tucked in a cosy alley leading off Sukhumvit 26, you are a mere 15 minutes away from the swanky Em-district (BTS Phrom Phong station).  Not sure if it means anything to you but I'm telling ye, these croissant taiyakis are the best invention after cronuts... with shoe umbrellas following closely behind and... ok you get the drift.

Won't you just loooooook at that!

Time to start planning for your next Bangkok trip. ☺︎ 


There are some parts of Bangkok that make me forget about the pesky heat that is constantly breathing down my neck, and that grey cloud of smog that threatens to suffocate. This green sanctuary does it for me, you could imagine my delight to have found this place!

It was a beautiful day for afternoon tea and mindless chit chat on the rustic veranda, shaded by a curtain of cascading foliage. This has got to be one of my favourite places in Bangkok to visit. Thank you my lovely M for bringing me around!! ☺︎