A Very Small Exhibition

As we ventured up to the second floor of Shaw Towers and navigated through the labyrinth of shops, we found ourselves in the woods in the middle of the mall. Pushing past the glass door with a beautifully hand-scripted welcome sign, we were first greeted by a scent of the leafy greens and Joanne's smile which brightened up the space.

Very Small Exhibition is a monthly curation project where Joanne and her friends take turns to fill the space with fresh concepts and experimental installations, to provide a place where people can enjoy as a form of respite. For the month of February, it has been transformed into a retail space where Joanne provides a customized hand-scripting service for Saint Valentine's Day.

It also has everything that I love – plants, flowers, glass bottles and colorful confetti! Needless to say, I got myself a message-in-a-bottle and had Joanne hand-script a line from one of my favourite poems You are Oceanic by Tapiwa Mugabe. I loved the idea of having part of the ocean in my bottle. Maybe someday the time will come when I can let this message return to the ocean and let the waves carry it to someone else who needs it more then me. ☺

I first met Joanne at The 3rd Space Christmas Pop-Up store last year and I'm glad to have found a friend in this lovely kindred soul. What I really love about her works is in the beauty of transforming words into pieces of artworks. Her passion for her art really rubs off in our conversations when Joanne shared how she took the leap to start The Letter J Supply in pursue of creating for a greater purpose. It is something that resonated strongly with me and it really made me think hard about my craft. 

For a Very Small Exhibition, there were actually Lots To Marvel At. So much so that I spent close to two hours every time I visit. The greatest success of this exhibition is that you leave with more than the bottle of flowers in your hand, or the scent of fresh greenery in your hair. You step out with a smile on your face and a new experience that cannot be found elsewhere. Here are some amazing pictures from the exhibition, captured mostly by Evie, my tiny friend with amazing photography skills. ☺


Have a lovely weekend everyone! ☺