Oh Maira

I love staying home on a Friday Night knowing that people are out there living it up and painting the town red (and later with their dinner) because this just means that I have a lot more Alone time to myself that I do not need to share with other people who are Alone.

For me, there is a strange charm about Friday nights; the slow unwrapping of the weekend, like a precious flower, or an onion. Perhaps it is the faint static that hangs in the stillness of the air, with time unhurried. Or, the languid drawl of the night as it announces the end of a long week. You suddenly find yourself with all the time in the world to lose yourself to daydreaming, and to catch up on internet's awesomeness. What a luxury. The only thing that is really missing right now is a huge tub of ice cream. Who cares about the culminated bad calories that you have already indulged in to get past the week.

As always, I am here for a reason. Besides to mask my existentialism issues by romanticising Friday nights alone, I really want to share this video which features Maira Kalman, an established illustrator/author. I've always been in love with her works and I admit that I love her more after learning that she loves books more than I do. In this video, she explores her identity in art, and how she uses her drawings to tell stories that belong to people/strangers, which, in turn helps her to find a relationship with the world. The video is uplifting and absolutely relatable. I think what is empowering about her message is that she is telling us to look at the things that form a huge part of our lives and being creative enough to make them part of our identities. This will then help us understand our sense of purpose in this world. She is a classic example of an amazing human being.


"How do you know who you are? There are many parts to who you are, so there isn’t one static place. And then, the other part of that is that things keep changing." – Maria Kalman

It is funny, because I have been thinking a lot about my art lately and this video appeared in a timely fashion. While storytelling has always been the main focus behind my artworks, there seems to be a lack of a deeper connection between what I do and what it is originally intended for. I haven't been able to figure this out for a long while but now that I do, I am thankful that the pieces to this puzzle are slowly finding their way to me and this really excites me to take on an entirely new approach to my works. There is still so so so much more that I need to learn which is so daunting yet exciting at the same time.

Another gem on the internet, Pizza Feminism – feminism served fresh and toasty. It really fills you up after a week worth of listening to mind-numbing sexist jokes/comments that are being slipped into daily conversations. 

Sooo we are into March and that scares me a little. For now, I'll leave springing into action for tomorrow while I watch a movie and wait for flu medication to kick in. Happy Weekend everyone. ☺

Rolling In The Deep

Here's something I've been working on (besides a better sense of humor), when I am not photoshopping faces on stalks of broccoli. I've been illustrating a lot, compiling my series of 'pun' drawings into a book/zine for the Tokyo Art Book Fair this year (!!!). It has been really interesting so far. I've done a lot of hand lettering and made a lot of patterns and these are some things that I didn't exactly think that I'd be doing. The following week would mark a huge milestone in this project. While I'm a little nervous, I'm really excited as well. I made a silly gif out of the buns featured on my zine cover. I wish I am able to relate to the one with a bag of baguette, holding a stalk of daisy, but I really feel like the one at the bottom doing the running while trying to balance everything at the same time. I have exactly a month. If the rolling pin is my only mode of transportation I'll roll my way to Tokyo. じゃね! I hope you guys enjoyed the gif better than my Adele reference.




I discovered the shaky silhouette of a stray kitten on my illustrator art board one day, a remnant of an artwork that I have deleted and brought this clumsy neko 'Lucie' to life. Made phone wallpapers out of cat prints for my mom and thought I'd share it. [Free for grabs - click on desired wallpaper and save for use.] ☺

The origin of the name 'Lucie' is from a Japanese movie that I caught in-flight. Chat Noir Lucy – is about a superstitious fortune teller's encounter with a black cat. It is a heartwarming film which made me smile a lot. This is one film I'd recommend to all cat lovers. I have linked up the trailer below, I hope you guys will get to watch it. ☺

Having my drink, Having my dream

When the tiny alleys of Ximending (has anyone else ever wondered why the entire name of the place is a word) could no longer provide us with a shelter from the cold, we made our way to this adorable cafe that Selina has recommended, to rest our soggy feet and overworked brollies.

Somebody Cafe, not to be mistaken with Someday Cafe (my version), is located on the second floor of Tattoo Street. It is well hidden but if you let your strange curiosity lead you, it is definitely hard to miss the flight of stairs with strange doodles paving your way to a playground of light and shadows.

Matcha barley latte

Matcha barley latte

It is easy to forget that you are sitting in the tackiest part in town, while listening to the raindrops tap to a cheerful rhythm, and you subconsciously do a little dance with your fingers. This place is just perfect for a cup of warm coffee, you would even close an eye on the cafe serving (microwaved) frozen waffles and then head back to the streets to fill your belly. 

The cafe also houses a boutique at a tiny corner, where goods designed by 26 creative (design studio) are being sold so that visitors can bring home a piece of the experience to share. What I love most about their artwork is the boldness of the lines, how a playful personality can be built upon these intricate layers. The style is simple, yet versatile at the same time. The quirky expressions make you feel like you have wandered into a strange land, one that you would explore in child-like demeanor. 


This place is definitely unique, and uplifting like the cafe slogan.

Somebody Cafe / 台北市萬華區西寧南路131號2、3樓 (02)2311-2371

"You'll be somebody someday, even if you're nobody right now."