Tokyo : Kichijoji

Because it is only right to finish what you have started (not to mention it is bad enough that I am only posting these pictures one year after my trip). So this is Kichijoji.

Unlike Nakameguro (as featured in my previous post), Kichijoji is huge. It is approximately an hour away from Harajuku/Shibuya area. Most people would end up in that area on their pilgrimage to Ghibli studio. On one side of Kichijoji you would find huge malls and department stores, cross over from the train station to the police station and walk right into the small streets to find small quaint stores selling stuff ranging from home wares, fashion to paper goods. 

I do not have many pictures of this place as I was just walking around and taking in chill-out atmosphere of Kichijoji most of the time while I explored a new part of Kichijoji I've never been. When I first visited three years ago my only aim was to visit the super cute Hara Donuts shop (which you might want to check out), at the other end of Kichijoji. 

A couple of nice shop fronts....

I love this picture of schoolgirls huddling together and walking in a group, it reminded me of convent school days when the only world that existed was the one under our little umbrellas.

Inokashira Park

It started drizzling again the moment I reached Inokashira Park which (uhm) dampened the mood just slightly. I mean, I was looking forward to rolling in the grass and flattening all the flowers in the same patch while at it. After about a minute, I decided that I didn't mind the rain. I love how the tiny rain droplets felt when they landed on my skin. They reminded me that I was present at that very moment, as I shared the joy of three friends struggling with the oars of their little boat and the faint scent of fresh greenery that filled the park. It didn't matter anymore.

At this point, you might be wondering if I am making up most of what I have written, especially what I have felt/ thought. Well I might have, or might have not but I am definitely writing from memory. Looking back at these pictures allows me to experience all the feelings and associations captured at that moment all over again.

Mahika Mano

The true agenda in visiting Kichijoji this round was to visit Mahika Mano Hammock Cafe and Gallery. It was pretty hard to get to this cafe as it was hidden in one of the really small streets, a short walk away from the park. So glad I made it eventually and I didn't even have to queue to get in. 

The hammock cafe actually doubles as a showroom for Hammock 2000. This means that you could actually purchase the hammock that you're sitting on while having your tea if you really like it!  For that reason, however, no photography in the cafe is allowed.

The food was not exceptionally fantastic but that's okay because you'd be too comfortable to even get up and ask them to change it. The cake and drinks were served on a low coffee table in front of your allocated hammock. Which also means you shouldn't get too carried away with swinging from the hammock unless you want your tea cups and plates to be sent to the other tables. What I really liked about the cafe aside from their comfortable swinging seats are the tiny windows that they have. The little boxes that look out across the street made me feel like I was in a different world – one where chairs are no longer relevant and getting out of hammock is out of the question. At that instance, all was right with the world. 

And it always is when you are on vacation in Tokyo. ☺