I always found film photography a struggle as I dislike not being in control of what I am shooting. In my desperation to finish the roll, I decided to give shooting spontaneously a try. The results were pretty encouraging,  I must say that I am starting to appreciate this unpredictable medium.


love these old school egg shops in Tiong Bahru Market, reminds me of wet market trips with my grandma when I was young

took these shots in an industrial area while on a furniture hunt, I'm loving the light in this one

took these shots in an industrial area while on a furniture hunt, I'm loving the light in this one


while some of the photos didn't quite turn out as I wished in terms of composition, I do enjoy how the medium is able to effortlessly capture the quiet moments

ending the series with my favourite photo of the lot : )

ending the series with my favourite photo of the lot : )

Tokyo In A Flash

Some pictures captured on camera. As the trip was pretty hectic, there was rarely time for strolling and taking pictures. I got to explore a lot more of Shinjuku and Shibuya this time around but I wouldn't say that I really enjoy it. I should really get down to uploading my pictures taken in April as there is so much more to see. On an irrelephant note, I learnt how to ride a scooter yesterday and it was pretty fun. Happy Saturday everyone. ☺

photo 1_3.jpg



Revisited these pictures taken in Capri as I was clearing out my disk space and got blown away by how these few images work magically as a photoset. (Thank God I held on to my macbook, if not I wouldn't have been able to complete this post.) The strip of white space in the first picture is actually the skyline - deliberate and just enough for your tired eyes to linger and your weathered soul soothed by the soft gradients of the rocks. I love how these images can be so dynamic yet placid at the same time and how the blue, grey and brown hues blend so harmoniously.

As I am packing my bags for my next adventure alone, I feel slightly anxious at the thought of being awash by a sense of total unfamiliarity in a new place. On top of that I have not won a medal in map reading/way finding despite trying for years. Well I guess if anything goes wrong, I will just do what I do best – getting lost. Or just find free wifi.

I made the mistake of switching my body clock to UTC-5 the past few days, which greatly tipped my scale of balance. I found myself falling back towards to the bed after flinging my alarm clock at the wall at 11 a.m. everyday, only to wake up at 2 p.m. and doing work till 7 a.m. the next morning. I kept myself busy alright, but I guess change is not overnight and the climb is never easy. The last image says it all. I remember how we (I think it was only me) looked on in horror as the old man made his way down the steep cliff, climbing over huge rocks in the strong winds just to get a spot at the cliff edge. Now, guess who has got the best reception?

Sigur Rós Live

I still remember the eager trepidation of our hearts while we waited for Sigur Rós to get on stage and the surrealism that tingled our skin when Jonsi started singing. One of the best things that happened to me on my birthday last year. Would gladly slosh in the mud several more times to experience this visual audio treat once again.