Long Distance Call

This was my Skype date last Sunday – my cool 94-year-old granddad.

He enjoys truffle fries, stays updated with current affairs, and he remembers our Taiwanese relatives' telephone numbers by heart. I am not too sure how he does it when I forget my wallet every other day (I literally had to have it chained to my bag). At 94, he often surprises me with his fervor to try out new things. It was a side of him which I grew up not knowing. Or maybe it was a part of him that opened up with age, to embrace life in style. Just a few weeks ago, he took the MRT train for the first time. And obviously here he is, skyping like a pro (and maybe struggling a little to understand my horrible dialect).

When I asked about my grandma, he coolly replied that things doesn't change with her illness and told me not to worry and to enjoy myself.

Looking back, my granddad was always open to us traveling. Perhaps it is because he understands the importance of leaving home to explore new lands, having left Taiwan with my great-grandfather when he was young, traveling and working in Indonesia before eventually settling down in Singapore. I wish he kept his Volkswagen van so I can boast about being ferried in one, but I will always have fond memories of him cycling behind my school bus everyday just so I wouldn't cry on my way to kindergarten. And also how he used to make us kites and even taught my brother and I how to make our own out of homemade glue, paper and rattan canes. ☺

These flashes of childhood memories gleamed over the blank frames in between, from when I was growing up till now. I am definitely guilty of prioritizing other things over spending time with my grandparents. It is so easy to take their presence for granted because they almost never demand for your time. I guess for that reason we should even more so make the effort to be in their company and bask in the years of life experiences that they are able to offer. I might then share the secret to remembering my wallet and looking effortlessly cool at 94 years of age.  ☺