Penang: Georgetown (I)

date: july 2014 
destination: malaysia, penang

[part 1: sight]

Penang may be a mere 2hrs flight away from Singapore, but it was traveling back to a time reminiscent for my parents and grandparents.

Georgetown, has been listed as one of the UNESCO conserved site in the world. In recent years, the island has drawn crowds from all over the world with a reputation of its thriving art scene. Its rustic, untouched beauty reserved a part of history for all to explore. As the lustre of the town slowly faded with time, certain parts of the town is so dilapidated and left abandoned. However, it is not uncommon to see the poor making a home out of the rubble. Everywhere we went, we see old folks peering inquisitively out of their gate, a little shy and perhaps precarious about the fast changing world outside of the place they have called home for so many years. This might be a very naive thought, but I'm really hoping that tourism would help improve the lives of the islanders as Penang is largely made up of an ageing population where the old people get very little government support. :-( 

The picturesque appeal of the town was undeniable. Time has evidently left its mark on the town, with its washed-out concrete exteriors and the muted pastel palette painted across the town. We found ourselves surrounded by the beautiful typography embellished in old signages, layers of textures and patterns at every corner. It was simply impossible to put the camera away. As a result, I have like a million pictures from the 4-day trip which is actually the reason why I found it so hard to blog about it. I can only resort to splitting the trip into 3 different posts to cater to the various categories of interest, so here's the first one introducing the colours and texture of the little island. Enjoy :-)

Georgetown Trilogy : Part I [sight], Part II [art], Part III [food]