Wood&Lead is a symbol of the almighty pencil, a brand that combines storytelling with craft. 

Illustrations by Wood&Lead's founder, Alexa Ong, aim to reveal a quirky space in this world – between dream and reality.  Her works are mainly inspired by adventures while on a wild hunt for the best donuts, literature and lucid dreaming.

Wood&Lead had their first showcase of illustrated goods and publication in Japan, Tokyo Art Book Fair 2013.  The products are currently on sale in various retail spaces and online platforms in Singapore.

List of current stockists: 


Innisfree x Wood&Lead for CCF Singapore

In collaboration with Innisfree Singapore, this DIY music box has been designed in support of their charitable cause. With every DIY Music Box sold, $2 goes to Children's Cancer Foundation Singapore. 

The illustration is inspired by a mystical Green Christmas on our tropical sunny island. 

  A rare photo of my messy work desk – experimenting with gouache on wood.

A rare photo of my messy work desk – experimenting with gouache on wood.


 A hand-drawn chalkboard signage for Augustus & Synne's Wedding at Chijmes Hall, Singapore.

A hand-drawn chalkboard signage for Augustus & Synne's Wedding at Chijmes Hall, Singapore.

It was an honour to be approached by my pal to come up with a signage design for his wedding. I was both excited and nervous to work on it as I have never taken up a project like this before, much less on this scale.

So Auggy, being my most laid-back friend ever, gave me with an open brief, and basically I got to do whatever I wanted! Doesn't that sound like the best job ever?

I had a lot of fun working on this, especially when it is for an old friend who made me stand in as a wingwoman once upon a time. The things I do for my friends!

The entire piece of work took me a total of 2-3hrs/night x 7 days thereabouts. I started the process with choosing the calligraphy style I was most comfortable writing with, and working on a rough layout on how I envision the words to flow etc. There was pretty much a lot of sketching done, as well as trial and error of the layout on the board itself.

The whole experience was a backbreaking one, but entirely satisfying as I got the opportunity to improve on my hand-lettering skill. It is a great way to experience typography where every kerning and leading is led by your hand-eye coordination.

While the final work is far from perfect, I must say that I am really relieved at how it turned out. I'm looking forward to work on a second piece if opportunity comes! There will be slots available for commission works in the next month to come (August), please email me at hello@xyourfingers.com for details! 

Little Skógur

Looking back at Wood&Lead's very first pop-up with The Little Drom Store, what a joy to be given the opportunity to showcase my works at dröm pop! Has it been a year already since I left my mark on the store front of this dreamy treehouse with my POSCO marker?? How time flies indeed! 

I had some luxury of time earlier this year to sit down and figure out 2016 plans for Wood&Lead. This year is looking busy for wedding projects, and a few collaborative projects are also in the planning! What I am really excited about is seeing my art applied and translated on various mediums and canvases. Time to paint, more to share in this space soon. ☺︎

Photos: The Little Drom Store

Public Garden x Wood&Lead

So last Saturday, we took part in our first ever Public Garden! It also coincides with Public Garden's first consumer trade show, and Wood&Lead is really happy to be part of this alongside regional vendors from Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. Thank you everyone who dropped by to show your support for my works! ☺


Dröm Pop x Wood&Lead

Wood&Lead first pop-up at The Little Dröm Store as part of dröm pop! And it will be ongoing until the end of March. Hurrrah!

The kind owners of little dröm store assigned this adorable custom-made cart to Wood&Lead and basically told me that I could do anything with it. And voila! I turned it into a mini tree-house. 


Prior to setting up for exhibitions/stalls at makers' markets, I usually come up with a vague idea of the look and feel for my set up. I will then spend a few days to go around collecting and making some props that will help me in achieving the right styling. Even with all the prep work, I am almost never fully prepared for any of the events as you never quite know your styling restraints until you are physically present to set everything up – i.e. my products don't have enough weight stand on their own, and the shelvings in this instance are too close. 

For this set up, it was 3 hours of standing in front of this little cart and shifting things around non-stop. It felt very much like trying to clear different stages of Tetris. The biggest challenge was in making my products stand out so that they get more attention than the spotlight, and my display props. While the process of setting up can be stressful, it is also great fun and  a part of the process that I enjoy the most. Or at least until things start falling because I don't have enough blu tack. Damn it. 

For those of you who went down, thank you so much! As for those who haven't you can have a look at whats happening through these pictures. :-)

Pug Life

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 9.05.07 pm.png

The original artwork was created for my friend Sarah's birthday. It was a lot of fun making this piece of work which I thought was perfect in depicting our friendship hinged upon an unhealthy obsession over pugs dressed in ridiculous costumes and all things stupiak. Who would have known that it would catch the interest of Rojak Site (thank you!) to feature this piece of artwork and be able to associate with the mantra of 'Pug Life'. I guess it has been proven, the secret to ballin' hard in life is to dress up as a stick of colorful Japanese mochis and you know, 'pug life' altogether. Or... maybe never to publish a blog post at 3:51 a.m..

Sea of Space

I love watercolor as a medium, and it is possibly the best one to paint my favorite animal in. Painting with water might seem simple but the tricky bit is in managing the layers of translucency to create the right texture as the colors overlap and blend in with a shade of another. At times when I feel that I might have forgotten how to paint, it teaches me all over again – a dab of water and one stroke of color at a time. 

Not too long ago, I caught a glimpse of the ocean giant. At first, I could only see its eyes. Slowly, it emerged and drifted along to the billowy clouds in the sea of space.