Dröm Pop x Wood&Lead

Wood&Lead first pop-up at The Little Dröm Store as part of dröm pop! And it will be ongoing until the end of March. Hurrrah!

The kind owners of little dröm store assigned this adorable custom-made cart to Wood&Lead and basically told me that I could do anything with it. And voila! I turned it into a mini tree-house. 


Prior to setting up for exhibitions/stalls at makers' markets, I usually come up with a vague idea of the look and feel for my set up. I will then spend a few days to go around collecting and making some props that will help me in achieving the right styling. Even with all the prep work, I am almost never fully prepared for any of the events as you never quite know your styling restraints until you are physically present to set everything up – i.e. my products don't have enough weight stand on their own, and the shelvings in this instance are too close. 

For this set up, it was 3 hours of standing in front of this little cart and shifting things around non-stop. It felt very much like trying to clear different stages of Tetris. The biggest challenge was in making my products stand out so that they get more attention than the spotlight, and my display props. While the process of setting up can be stressful, it is also great fun and  a part of the process that I enjoy the most. Or at least until things start falling because I don't have enough blu tack. Damn it. 

For those of you who went down, thank you so much! As for those who haven't you can have a look at whats happening through these pictures. :-)