Memory of Departure

The driving force behind this series of work is to create a poignant portrait of dementia by capturing the slow corrosion of one’s identity, in print. 

By utilizing a monotype printing technique, it allows me to create portraits of my grandmother that are raw and intimate. With my immediate emotions put down directly onto the printing plate, I wish to reconcile with my feelings of helplessness whenever I search for a sign of semblance in this person whom I have grown to know, but who no longer knows me. 

By combining monotype with collagraph print technique, it allows me to add another dimension to this body of work, to draw viewers inward to experience the inner turmoil a dementia patient has to confront everyday.


In this series of portraits, parts of my grandmother’s face remains familiar, while some are hazy, distorted, and heartbreaking.


This piece of work is dedicated to my late grandmother.

A short process video of how I make my collograph plates by using various materials. In these videos I used leaves and masking tapes.

A short process video of how I prepped the paper before transferring it to the collograph plate for printing.


This series of prints were produced for Working Proof: A Young Printmakers' League group show at Mulan Gallery in June 2017.